The Pest Marshals In Action

Wasps in Ottawa

“Our client wanted safe removal of this large wasp nest to protect their retirement living residents from the potential of being stung. Crisis averted.”

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Pigeon control in Toronto

“This residential apartment building was suffering from Pigeon defecation, constantly costing them thousands in cleaning costs. Our expert installation of Bird spikes eliminated those costs for good.”

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Rodent Program for Automotive Group

“Located beside a ravine, one of our chain clients (an automotive group) had a tough time with DIY rodent control before we stepped in. The Pest Marshals were able to tailor a custom pest prevention program to eliminate the pests within their budget and kept them out!”

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What you can expect

  • Professional and Friendly Service

  • Expert Advice and Knowledge

  • Best In Industry Response Time and Availability

  • Competitive Pricing

Our skills

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

  • Thorough Inspections

  • Utilizing the Latest Technology

  • Pest Prevention and Exclusion

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Welcome to the Pest Marshals

"Tough on pests, not on you!"

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"Health centres call for action on Ottawa rooming houses”

“A new report finds bugs, broken plumbing and heating problems in some of the city's rooming houses.”

What we do


The Pest Marshal has the skills and the knowledge to eliminate these unwelcome guest from your home and to ensure they do not come back.


We will work with you to develop a program to inspect, analyze and treat whatever issues might arise in terms of pest control.

Extra Services

We are prepared to help you in these other areas as well (including but not limited to); bird proofing, wildlife exclusion, emergency clean up and sanitation, bed bug preparation, eaves drop guard installation and weather seal for doors.

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Home Owner in Durham

The Pest Marshals were very knowledgeable and answered many of my list of question during the consultation. “The bedbug covers were of really good quality and are comfortable. We haven’t had bed bugs since.”

We will tailor the right services for you Pest Prevention needs.

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