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Residential Pest Prevention

We offer guaranteed Total Protection Programs for single & multiple pests and for varied coverage lengths. Minimum visits are included and no-charge for additional visits. You wont have to worry about pests with us around.

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Commercial Pest Prevention

Our promise is to provide services with the latest technology, upmost discreetness, and high discretion for safety. With our expert advice during the consultation visit, we will tailor the right pest prevention program to fit the needs of your business.

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Electronic Reports

Remaining up to date with the latest technology and advancement in the pest control industry is still apart of our core values linking us back to our original corporate roots. Electronic Reports are just another way we fulfill that core value while reducing carbon footprint.


Insects, rodents and other critters that humans consider pests are actually critical to maintaining the ecological balance of the earth – they become pests only when they endanger the health or property of humans. At The Pest Marshal, we believe that it is our responsibility to care for the earth’s environment while still helping to control pests in our customers’ homes and businesses.

We are committed to the fundamental philosophy that when each of us makes small changes in our everyday lives, we can make a positive impact on the environment, our own health, and most importantly, leave a healthier planet for future generations.

When I got into this industry, I wanted to ensure the upmost prudence for the care and safety for our people and the environment. Utilizing chemical free alternatives is our joy.
– J. Charles

What to do in a pest control emergency?

Don't Panic, call The Pest Marshal for immediate advice.
Simply call or email us, we’re here to help.
Document the pest issue. Take Pictures/Video.

Where possible, take high-resolution pictures/video of the pest, the location of the pest or the damage as a result of the pest.

Schedule an inspection as soon as possible.

Based off the information you have provided, we can set up an inspection or service.

Don't ignore the situation, as it may get worse.

Do it yourself alternatives are great when they work, but it’s not worth the risk of personal injury, liability, loss of finances and the danger of the problem worsening.

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